Robotization of CNC machining

CNC machining centers are one of the most frequently robotized production machines in the industry…

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Robotization of plastic injection

Dynamic development of the injection molding industry rises higher demands on companies these days. A conventional solution based…

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Robot milling / cutting

The use of industrial robots in the process of milling, machining of castings, polishing or deburring becomes…

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Robotization of composite production

Our company has extensive experience in the implementation of projects in the field of applying composite coatings…

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Machine vision

Location of the part in robots environment is an indispensable information required for robotization…

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Programming services of robots, PLC controllers and industrial automation

Our experience gained during the implementation of automation and robotization allows us to…

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Precise robotic stations

Contrary to popular belief, achieving high precision in robotic applications is not that easy to achieve…

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