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By using a robot with the automatic tool change system, it is possible to perform roughing and finishing cuts, polishing the surface and also measuring the tool or the workpiece. In our cutting stations with the use of an electrospindle, it is possible to:

  • Machine several workpieces in one cycle
  • perform automatic tool change
  • perform measurements of the tool and the workpiece
Thanks to the use of an industrial robot, customers have been able to process a wide range of products with the minimum use of human labor while maintaining high precision and functionality of a CNC machine.

The use ofa 6-axis industrial robot offers many advantages, such as:

Machining hard to reach places

Machining time reduction

Larger work envelope

Machining several workpieces in one cycle

No need for reorientation of the workpiece

Cost reduction

Elimination of human work in hazardous environment (dust, high temperature)




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