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Our offer:

We offer a full range of work from concept development, through the selection of the right tools, to full implementation of the solution at the customer’s facility. Our standard loading and unloading station can be integrated with any CNC machine, and the setting and exchange of I/O signals with the machine are individually selected for each application.

Complete robotized station consists of:
  • Pallet system or conveyor for parts feed
  • 6-axis robot selected in terms of payload and work envelope
  • Gripper designed for selected parts
  • HMI operator panel for station control
  • Machine guard fence
Additional instrumentation:
  • Blow-off/washing station for parts
  • Quality control via machine vision system
  • Control measurement station
  • Marking station for finished parts
  • Safety laser scanner (instead of safety fence)

Robotization of a production station makes it possible to implement additional operations, such as:

Quality control
(machine vision system or measurement station)

Parts supervision during production cycle

Parts storage in desired pattern

Parts cleaning from coolant and chips

Marking of finished parts

Our specialists have extensive experience in production automation and robotization. Thanks to this, we can provide you with professional advice, development of an automation concept and comprehensive implementation of the solution in your company. We select the appropriate tools and methods of operation to meet the expectations.




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