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The use of dedicated painting robots allows to apply a very precise and repeatable layer of material (paint, gelcoat or putty) on complex shapes. The implementation of such solution is possible both for large-sized parts (e.g. yacht elements) and for smaller ones.

Applying layers on the composite can be done automatically with the use of automatic conveyor designed to move the processed part.

Thanks to the implementation of our robotized station, our client eliminated the influence of human error on the coating process. This allowed to achieve significant improvement in quality, which increased the company’s competitiveness on international markets.

Benefits of implementing robots for coating applications:

High quality of layers due to high repeatability
and smooth movement of the robot

Possible to layer complicated parts with different dimensions

Elimination for human work in hazardous environment

Increased efficiency due to material savings

Time savings due to intuitive software Fanuc Roboguide® PaintPro




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