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Our offer:

Standard robotized station for loading/unloading of the machine can be integrated with any machine. Communication is programmed individually for every application.

A complete station consists of:
  • Integrated modular design allowing access to the workspace of the machine
  • Belt conveyor for finished parts
  • 6-axis industrial robot selected in terms of payload and work envelope
  • Gripper designed for selected parts
  • HMI operators panel for station control
  • Integrated safety system
  • Parts tray (for overmoulding process)
  • Quality control system
  • Marking station for finished parts
  • Packing and weighting system
  • Deburring station

Additional operations that are ready to implement:

Quality control
(machine vision system or mechanical measurement)

Parts supervision during production cycle

Parts storage in desired pattern

Integrated packing and weighting of finished parts

Deburring of parts

Laser marking of finished parts

Labeling of finished parts




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